Finding the ‘one’…

As a young adult, my mother would often tell me that I would probably have to kiss a number of frogs before finding my prince. She would warn me that the path to love could be tumultuous, littered with a lot of ‘almosts’ and disappointments. Many of them were great but not quite right for me, largely because we are unique so finding the ‘one’ can often seem nigh on impossible. Fast forward and I have finally found him, but my mother’s advice was spot on (as it often is).

The concept of finding the ‘right fit’ can be applied to almost every sphere of life from the perfect pair of shoes to your first dream house – and ultimately finding the right technology solutions for your business.

Try before you buy….

Whilst many of the issues currently facing retailers and brands are universal – from changing consumer expectations to competition over share of wallet – every business has its own unique set of challenges. From differing types of legacy technologies, siloed teams and processes through to lack of resource and a reluctance towards change. In 2019 businesses have no choice but to innovate or fear falling behind, but there is little movement towards a ‘test and learn’ mentality when it comes to adopting new technologies

Don’t be afraid to fail…

A lot is written about the importance of failure in our learning process, in the word of start-ups and entrepreneurship it is actively encouraged – less so in the world of retail. The fear of failure (or looking bad in-front of the boss) can undermine a ’test and learn’ approach to innovation. For those of us not lucky enough to find our Prince on our first ever date, we will continue to explore the ‘dating waters’ until we do. What makes one person more compatible with another is based on a unique set of variables. Of course, in the world of technology adoption there is the added complexity of cost and resource. Yet the reality is that you might have to test and compare a number of technologies before finding the one that is right for your business. Some of the best practices we have seen are when companies are given a ‘proof of concept’ budget to actively test new ideas with the backing of the management team (and most importantly CFO).

Yet this remains rare with most of clients struggling to find the time and budget to evaluate, test, compare and ultimately choose the more appropriate tech – with potential failures and ‘almosts’ along the way. At Validify we have built a platform that can help you discover, compare and evaluate technologies in a more time-effective manner. We only work with B2B technologies with short implementation timelines and trial options – all of which is aimed at helping businesses employ a more test and learn approach.

Below are just a few examples of some of the latest vendors we are working with….